“Over a million dollars in extra revenue” for ThinSlim Foods, a low-carb food company

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ThinSlim Foods is one of the largest low-carb food companies.

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“They made it possible for us to double our ad spend without lowering our return on ad spend,” says Andrew Eckhardt, owner of ThinSlim Foods.

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“Working with Conversion Rate Experts has exceeded my expectations. They get the results that you’re looking for.

“In addition to the results, the level of support has been exceptional—and has me rethinking the level of support I should be requesting from my other vendors.

“They have driven a seven-figure revenue increase—and made it possible for us to double our ad spend without lowering our return on ad spend. In addition, it has lowered our costs on our advertising campaigns. Therefore, the increase in overall profit margin has been substantial.

“My name is Andrew Eckhardt, and I’m the owner of ThinSlim Foods. ThinSlim Foods has grown over the last couple of years to become one of the largest low-carb food companies. We are routinely shipping 200,000 units to consumers all over the United States.

“I think conversion rate optimization is imperative, and has been extremely important for ThinSlim Foods. It can have very dramatic impacts, and entirely change how someone decides to build out their marketing funnel. And it all works its way back from there.

“Before using Conversion Rate Experts, everything was just driven by the whims of myself, the owner. As one might expect, some of them worked out well, and some of them were duds. Because sales continued to increase, it came to a point where even small increases in conversion rate optimization had very large impacts. As a result, it was imperative that the way that we approached our website was no longer haphazard.

“What stood out to me about Conversion Rate Experts is that their website is very effective. It had me immediately wanting to hire them, even though the structure of the site is non-traditional. That led me to believe they had arrived at the existing structure based on a very large number of tests. When I signed up for their newsletter, when I reviewed the multitude of case studies, and when I was mailed their book, I realized that I needed to partner with them in order to implement them in the best way possible.

“They began the process with a very deep-dive research stage. And then, from there, they built out hypotheses on what they should test. They provide significant support in terms of sophistication of programming required to run the tests. Most of the tests are beyond my level of programming skill, even though I’m the one who built my website.

“The tests combined have increased the overall conversion rate on the site by at least 10%, if not more. This increase in conversion rates has driven well over a million dollars in extra revenue, just via the website.

“I would definitely recommend Conversion Rate Experts. They will increase your conversion rate. You will have more customers. They will drive more revenue and will vault you to the next level. The results speak for themselves.”

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