We’ve won an award for our industry-leading culture (Update: We have won a second award. We’ll add details soon)

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Published: December 2018

We are proud to have won a TINYpulse award for being a great company to work for.
We are proud to have won a TINYpulse award for being a great company to work for.

TINYpulse is a tool that’s used to engage and develop high-performing teams. Its customers include Microsoft, Michelin, HubSpot, Deloitte, Capital One, and Nike. It allows companies to measure and benchmark their team’s satisfaction against other companies. We have been using TINYpulse to run our own business since two months after it launched in 2012. (We were delighted three years later when it subsequently became a client of ours, and we got to grow it.)

Every week, TINYpulse asks our team members for feedback on how happy they are, and how we could improve. The responses become our management to-do list. (We describe more about this in How we try to get an accurate view of the culture in our remote-working business.)

All the hard work has paid off. We have won a TINYpulse award for our industry-leading scores for team happiness, company culture, personal development, communication and transparency, talent retention and attraction, and performance recognition.

Graph of our TINYpulse happiness over two years
Our graph of team-member happiness (in yellow) along with the averages for all companies and companies in our industry.

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