“We wish we had started with Conversion Rate Experts sooner,” says truLOCAL, an online food store

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truLOCAL is an online store that lets customers buy food from nearby suppliers.

A short video interview with the client

“We’ve seen a 55% increase in sales on just the home page alone,” says Courtney Jang, Marketing Director of truLOCAL.

A transcript of the video

Courtney Jang shares her thoughts about working with Conversion Rate Experts (CRE)

Our experience with CRE has been nothing but positive. In the six or so months that we’ve worked with them, we’ve been really happy with the relationship, knowing that our marketing dollars are working harder for us. Knowing we can spend the same amount of money on advertising or investing in these other channels, but they all lead to a website which is performing better, having greater results for the same spend.

We’ve seen incredible results—up to a 55% increase in sales on just the home page alone—and have had unmeasurable learnings about our customer and our website. So I would definitely recommend working with CRE to anybody who’s looking to optimize their website and grow in that area.

“My name is Courtney Jang. I’m the Marketing Director here at truLOCAL. We are a meat delivery service, but we are actually so much more than that. Our mission is to connect local farms to their communities, and to provide a service that allows people to know exactly what type of meat they’re getting, to support the neighbors and their farms in their community, as well as have it all delivered directly to their door.”

Tell us about truLOCAL’s journey to date

“We started only in 2016, and have now grown across Canada. We’ve also recently expanded to the USA. Last year alone, we have shipped out over 80,000 boxes, and we are continuing to grow year over year.”

How important is conversion rate optimization to you and your company?

“I think CRO is key to being successful in the online world. We go into this with our own assumptions, and what we think people need on the website. But quite often, we’re wrong. And it’s really important to pay attention to what the consumers and the users on your website are telling you, and to be able to optimize their experience, to make sure that they’re getting the right message at the right time and at the right point.”

What approaches had you already tried?

“We did do some experimentation in-house. So we did definitely see some improvements but, really, it opened our eyes more to the potential. If we can make improvements changing copy here or there or small images, what could we do if we actually brought on experts in the area to help us really drive this forward?”

Why was CRE the right choice?

“We saw their website. We read their testimonials. We saw the companies that they worked with—a really impressive lineup. They really were clear leaders in the pack of the professionals in this space.”

What was the experience like working with CRE?

I expected them to come in, and run some great tests on our website, and that we would see some incremental changes, but honestly we’ve seen so much more. We were able to learn so much more about our customers and so much more about our website performance than we expected. And not only was that great for me on the marketing team, but the whole company now had access to this information.”

What do you like most about working with CRE?

“The extensive research that they did on us—and on our customers, and what we’re all about—gave me so much more confidence when they came to the table with a recommendation compiled with all of the background and expertise they have over the years of working with other clients.”

What would you say to someone considering working with CRE?

“What would I say to somebody considering using Conversion Rate Experts? I would say, “Why wait?” For us, with CRO, we talked about it for a really long time. And then as soon as we started, we wish we had started sooner.”

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