Tips and tools: How to go viral; create voice apps without coding; learn typography in ten minutes; and more…

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Become an expert in typography in ten minutes

A screenshot of typography in ten minutes
Matthew Butterick’s article promises to make you better at typography than most graphic designers.

Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography website contains a lot of useful information. If you can spare only a few minutes to learn the basics, we’d recommend Typography in ten minutes and Summary of the 26 key rules of typography.

You might want to share them with your coworkers—so they don’t turn your em dashes into hyphens.

Design voice apps without coding

A screenshot of Voiceflow’s homepage
Voiceflow’s homepage.

Voiceflow allows you to design, prototype, and publish voice apps for Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant—all without coding.

A screenshot of the index for Mary Meeker’s annual reports
The index for Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Reports.

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report is out. It provides an authoritative—and highly practical—overview of how the internet is evolving, and what’s working in different industries. Because it’s so large and varied, we’d recommend you begin by skimming through the whole report to find the sections that are most applicable to your business.

How managers can use “Flashtags” to avoid accidentally derailing their projects

It’s easy for a manager to unintentionally derail a project by making off-hand suggestions that team members take to be directives. If you’re a manager, you might want to start using Flashtags, which are hashtags like #fyi and #suggestion, which have specific definitions. For example, “#suggestion: a passing thought that you might want to consider, but I’m not in your shoes, so do what you like. No need to reply.”

Understand how to make things go viral

A screenshot of one of the interactive “toys” in Going Viral.
A screenshot of one of the interactive “toys” in Going Critical.

The article Going Critical by Kevin Simler contains interactive “toys” that let you play with different parameters of virality, to understand how it works. It gave us insights into how to make campaigns go viral; why it’s crucial to find the right target market; and how to foster a company culture in which ideas thrive.

Kevin writes: “We tend to think that if something’s a good idea, it will eventually reach everyone, and if something’s a bad idea, it will fizzle out. And while that’s certainly true at the extremes, in between are a bunch of ideas and practices that can only go viral in certain networks.”

Design and carry out psychological experiments

PsyToolkit looks like it might be useful for marketing research. It’s a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological experiments and surveys, including personality tests. It’s mostly used for academic studies and for teaching cognitive and personality psychology. PsyToolkit’s experiment library shows examples of what you can do with it.

News from within Conversion Rate Experts

Our founders spent an evening at Buckingham Palace to celebrate winning our Queen’s Award

Our founders Karl and Ben in Buckingham Palace.
Our founders Karl and Ben in Buckingham Palace.

Our founders, Ben and Karl, attended a Royal reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate Conversion Rate Experts winning a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise—the UK’s highest official award for business.

We have just published our 78th client testimonial

We are excited to have just published a great new testimonial, from MyWallSt, the award-winning financial investment app.

“We’re seeing incredible growth,” says John Smyth, Chief Marketing Officer of MyWallSt.

In case you’d rather read, here’s a transcript of the video. We now have 86 testimonials and success stories from clients.

Become our next success story

If you’re looking to create a big CRO success story in 2019, visit this page to schedule a free strategy session.

And finally…

We reckon you’ll enjoy Rainmaker1973’s Twitter timeline. It’s a never-ending source of fascinating scientific facts and curiosities. Here’s an example:

A photo of the Violaceous Trogon bird
The Violaceous Trogon bird: Behaves like the school bully’s mate, named like a character from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

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