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How to become insanely well connected—and other great resources

Last updated: November 2018

People at a business networking event

Chris Fralic’s guide describes some great tips for becoming well connected.

Here are some great resources we have recently shared with one another

How to become insanely well connected

In this article by FirstRound, venture capitalist Chris Fralic describes his habits and systems for becoming incredibly well connected. Most guides about networking are mediocre; this one contained some great ideas we hadn’t seen written down before.

Copywriting for apps

Should sentences on buttons have periods after them? What if there are two sentences? The Material Design Writing Guidelines give practical advice on copywriting—and more—for apps.

Do you know when your copywriting should be direct and when it should be indirect?

In this fascinating 11-minute talk, the cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker explains when you should use indirect language and why it serves a vital function.

How brains are wired

If you’re a fan of neat wiring jobs, then you’ll love these beautiful images of the human brain—the ultimate wiring job. The images give an awe-inspiring glimpse into the brain’s incredible complexity. The website sells beautiful fine-art prints of the images, plus limited runs of incredible micro-etched prints.

How to get apathetic people to take action

If your visitors already agree with you but are apathetic, you can prompt them to take action by opposing them—by putting their option to act under threat. It can be as simple as setting a deadline. Or, as this great video reveals, it can involve focusing on an enemy.

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